Andrew C. Becker

Andrew is a web presence consultant, social media manager, and online advertising operations specialist located in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Andrew helps small to medium sized businesses compete in the modern era without having to jump through hoops.

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Social Media Management

You have work to do, constantly checking and updating your social media pages isn’t the best use of your time. I will create a plan to meet your social media goals and manage it all for you. If you prefer to be more hands on, I can help you make a plan and teach you how to take the reigns from there.

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Online Advertising

To be competitive you have to be running the right ad campaigns online. I can help you configure your ads or run entire campaigns for you. My experience with creating highly converting ads will drive business without all the hassle.

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Web Presence Consulting

Most businesses are paying for services they don’t need. Before you jump into the deep end let me sit down and help you figure just what you need from an internet presence. My vast experience in web hosting, web development, online marketing, and social media allow me to create optimal recommendations to save you money, time, and increase your overall profit.

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